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7 Dec

I was born in 1965, and I was too young to attend a real disco. By the time I turned 21, disco was over. I love classic 70’s disco, and I also like New Wave songs that sounded like Disco such as Der Kommissar by After the Fire. But, before Disco there were a lot more interesting cultural things going on. Fashions were colorful and not boring or minimalist like in the 90s, which was the worst decade for culture. As we were coming out of the 70s things were still pretty good, but began to slide in the 80s. The world began more dangerous. There was not a culture of openness. You could not go wherever you wanted anymore at all hours of the day and night expect to be safe.



Found Reno Photo

27 Nov

I took this photo in Downtown Reno on a vacation trip.

Reno Circa 1974


Make A Carrot PSA

18 May

Make A Carrot PSA

There was a PSA in the 70s, I remember, with a girl with red hair. I assume, her hair was red, it was a black and white set, The girl who must have been between 8 and 10 told kids how to “make a carrot” for a snack. Making the carrot involved washing the carrot and not peeling it.

She said, “I don’t want to remove the skin because all of the vitamins and minerals are in the skin.” This was in fact not true. I had to suffer eating carrots with the bitter skins thanks to that. It believe it was merely because kids were not allowed to handle peelers. My adult opinion is that all the pesticide and chemicals go into the skin and peeling the carrot is healthier then not peeling it.

It was the most pointless PSA, because it was like “just eat a carrot.” I don’t know if it was paid for by carrot growers or by the children’s nutrition counsel something like that. Plus I had already learned to make a carrot at my school and even chop up the carrot and pass it out to my classmates.

There was also something later on in school called Nutrition with Nelson the nutrients, but that was not show on TV, but only at my school. But, the 70s were filled with healthy eating PSA, but no one “but health nuts” actually did eat healthy.

At the end of the commercial, the girl bites into the carrots and continues to talk with her mouthful (to show how delicious the carrot is) and then she shakes the carrot at the audience like a pointer.

I have not found the ad again so I am relying on memory.
She starts out with the words, “Here is how to make a carrot.” If someone can find a copy of this commercial it should be saved for all time on You Tube. I want to know who the actress was. Did she go on to bigger things or not.

The whole hypocritical concept of vitamins was that you could just get them in a pill and then just eat junk, but no one knew that, there is more in food then just things called vitamins that you can get in a pill. All sugar cereals claimed to be healthy because they had vitamins added. There was even cereal called King Vitamin, but I never tired that one. I mostly would not budge from eating Kellogg’s Cereals. Frosted Flakes was my favorite followed by Sugar Smacks and Fruit Loops. Why my parents bought these things for me is something I often wonder about. If I was a parent, my child would never be allowed to have sugar junk food cereals. It was just at the time, no one really knew how bad these things were.

When it comes to PSAs however, the anti-smoking ones really made a big impression. There was one in which Dorothy of Oz is getting a heart for the Tin Man, and he promises he will take care of his heart. I never smoked and I tired to make my father quit smoking after watching that PSA. I have found the Tin Man PSA on You Tube. The thing that struck me was the line “Smoking is bad for your heart.” That really stayed with me, because it scared me at the time and I attached some kind of tramau memory on to the lines. It was really bad because so many people smoked around and second hand smoke and when I first started working, people smoked around me.

The Hot Fudge Show

17 May

All I could remember about The Hot Fudge Show was the opening credits and the songs they had in between the acts. Apparently this was because that was what I really liked about The Hot Fudge Show. The puppets were boring and preachy or else I was already too old to appreciate them. I thought they were Muppets and later when the Muppet Show came to TV, I was like these are just different Muppets.

The two hosts Arte Johnson and the later host Larry Santos,  who was a sort of hippy looking guy were great. I had no problem with them, but for some reason, I had forgotten them until I saw what is left of The Hot Fudge Show on You Tube. There is a CD of songs, but I am not sure if it has the openings and the parts I really liked. I had an affinity for those spinning wheel sorts of graphics.

It would start out with “It’s The Hot Fudge Show Coming On.” Then there was part in which I can remember but I was not able to see it again. “We are going to fun for everyone, Hot Fudge Show, Shanghai Lang. so tell your friends the fun begins when you met the Hot Fudge Gang.” Sometimes it would say, “Its Hot Fudge” with like an echo, and sometimes the sounds of hands clapping. I would have rather had an entire show made up these things and skipped all the preachy puppets, each scene was like a life lesson. Harry Unreasonable was the only one I thought was interesting because it was a parody of Harry Reasoner who my parents watched. It was kind of like Mad Magazine a soft parody. Leave a comment if you have any memories of the It’s The Hot Fudge Show Coming On.

Lyrics for Bonnie Hubbard Commerical

6 Apr

Lyrics for Bonnie Hubbard Commerical

She makes it tasty, she makes it right, Bonnie Hubbard makes the things you like, she uses California sunshine the way that you would, the local girl makes good.

Lyrics for 70s commercials

25 Feb

This is my blog post for commercials of the 70s that I remember. This is a general post of just a few words, but if I can find more of the lyrics or remember them. I will make a separate entry for each of those commercials that are so notable I remember them or that can be found on You Tube or sometimes the lyrics are printed elsewhere. There is a website with commercial lyrics from the 70s, but they missed so much. I sent them updates years ago, but they never published them.

A&W root beers got that frosty mug taste, only A&W root beers got that frosty mug taste, hot hot days mean cold cold root beer waiting for you, so quench your thirst, yeah, drench your thirst with A&W

Absorbine Jr, You work hard you ache, where does it get you? in the neck? In the shoulders? In the back? Ohooooooo Absorbine Jr it’s hard working medicine works as hard as you do

Alka Seltzer

I can’t believe I ate the whole thing. you ate it Ralph, I can’t believe I ate the whole thing. no Ralph I ate it, I can’t believe I ate the whole thing, gimme some Alka Seltzer

Almaden Golden Chablis, far more inviting then you dreamed a wine could be.

Apple Jacks, a is for apple j is for jacks, cinnamon toasty apple jacks, you need a good breakfast that’s a fact, start it off with apple Jacks, repeat Apple Jacks, several times as a refrain

Armour Hot Dogs what kind of kids love Armour Hot Dogs, fat kids, skinny kids, even kids with chicken pox, love hot dogs, Armour Hot Dogs, the dogs kids love to bite

Beneficial Finance Company, toot toot, we’ve good for more

The loan company that gives you great money a great values. Because at beneficial you’re good for more.

Big Banana Ink Crayons, We go bananas for Big Banana Ink Crayons, you’ll learn to write a lot of ways, oh we go bananas for Big Banana Ink Crayons, their colors are so bright and gay! Oh you can learn to color, bright smooth lines of fat, draw a banana and give it a hat. Ok, bunch, (children sing) oh we go bananas for Big Banana Ink Crayons.

Big Red, say good bye a little longer, get that big bold big long lasting flavor with big red

Big wheel commercial, Look at that big wheel, roaring, charging, spinning, wining, the big wheel by Marx.

Bumble Bee Tuna yum yum bubble bee with a big balloon float shaped like a bumble bee

C & H, Pure Cane Sugar, from Hawaii, growing in the sun. Island sugar growing pure, fresh and clean, C & H Pure Cane Sugar, is the one.

Cathy Quick Curl Doll, You can fix her hair: Fancy sporty wild or swirly up or down or cutie curly in just minutes you can change it, do you like it? Rearrange it. No setting no wetting. New Cathy Quick Curl with mess upable, fix up able, beautiful upable hair.

Caramel, $100,000 Bar, chewy chewy Carmel, this is your Carmel bar Nestlé $100,000 Bar.

Campbell’s Soup, Asking kids, what’s your favorite, kids say: chicken noodle, chicken with rice, chicken with stars, you forgot to say Campbell’s.

Charlie Perfume, There’s a fragrance that’s here to stay and they call it, Charlie. Kinda young, kinda now, Charlie. Kinda free, kinda wow, Charlie.

Chevrolet see the usa in your Chevrolet, see Ellis brooks today for your Chevrolet

Chiffon butter spread, you might think its butter, but it’s not, its Chiffon

Chrysler Cordoba Ricardo Montalban (you can find this on you tube)

Cracker Jack, candy coated pop corn peanuts and a prize, that’s what you get in Cracker Jacks

C W post, Band leader sings with whole families, similar to the music man, we got trouble song. Now here’s a cereal for the whole family, sweet enough for kids, but not too sweet for me c w post. It’s crunchy, it’s light, it’s fortified too, folks I would go and try some if I were you c w post (repeat refrain of the name of the cereal) sung by family chorus family style cereal (C W post committed suicide)

Datsun, Nobody demands more from a Datsun, than Datsun. We are driven.

We’re so delikable, we look alike we smell alike we taste alike, we’re so delikable, just take a slip from us and you’re agree, we’re so delikable

Digger The Dog digging he goes with you, when you explore, just pull his leash and go for a walk, he’s your dog for sure

Dippity-Do, New ball balance, New from Dippity-Do

Dole bananas, The dole banana is the great banana and it’s great because it’s Dole.

Don’t break the ice, game, he’s the man, oh you broke the ice, he fell through

Dr. Pepper, I drink Dr. Pepper and I’m proud, I’m part of an original crowd, everywhere you go are peppers lots of folks you know are peppers, wouldn’t you like to be a pepper too? Be a pepper! Drink Dr. Pepper.

Enjoli Perfume, I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan, and still make my husband feel like a man, because I’m a woman, Enjoli.

Home Shopping Club, The home shopping club comes to my house, it feels like I’m getting a hug, I love the home shopping club, more like 80s, this was an ad for a channel called the Home Shopping Club, a bunch of house wives sang it.

Hush Puppies aren’t a fancy shoe or a phony shoe they’re just dumb, soft and cool, you’re gonna love em, pig skin too, they’re just the dumbest, hush puppies aren’t a fancy shoe or a phony shoe they’re just dumb, put em on your feet give your toes a treat, what a comfortable shoe.

Fla-Vor-Ice, I’m the flavor ice giant with some cool advice try my freezer cold bars of flavor ice

The giant cooler, Fla-Vor-Ice Giant Freeze

Ginger Ale Tastes like love, Canada dry Ginger Ale Tastes live love

Granny Goose Chips, What is granny’s secret, I won’t say, how she makes her corn chips, fresh that way, Oh Mr. Corneille

What do you get for 99 cents at H salt fish and chips?

What do you get for 99 cents that makes you smack your lips?

You get fish, chips, cole slaw and a smile.

Hamm’s Beer From the Land of Sky Blue Waters, From the Land of Sky Blue Waters, Hamm’s the beer refreshing

Hanes will make you smooth and silky, shapely, sexy, On the coast of southern France the other girls don’t stand a chance, Gentlemen prefer Hanes

Honeycomb Cereal, Honeycombs got a big, big, bite, its not small no no on, great big taste and a great big bite.

Heinz Snack Pack, Pick up the pudding and tell me that, sure tastes Creamy, Snack Pack, Jack.

Inchworm by Romper Room, ride up and down, and up down, inch woman, I’m telling the truth, inch worm, I love you.

Junior Mints, Spread the word, pass em cool, Junior Mints

Tingle to the touch of Jean Naté, electrifying, awaken, exhilarating, Jean Naté

Koogle peanut spread, what do you do with peanutie koolie spread on a sandwich or a cracker or a bun, first you koolie then you chewlie, and then you koolie it one more time, peanutie koolie with the kookie eyes

Kool-Aid oh yeah, here comes Kool aid, crashes through a wall, going to chase your thirst away

Levi’s Blue Jeans

your jeans fit to you, and it makes me smile to think what you do, in your personal fit, Levi 501 jeans

Levi’s Jeans


When Libby’s Libby’s Libby’s read the label label label, you will find it, find it on your table table table.

Life Cereal, Some cereal, mom says it supposed to be good for you, you try it. I’m not going to try it. Lets get Mickey to try it, he won’t like it he hates everything, he likes it hey, Mickey!

Life, the game of life, the game the game of life the game, you will learn about life when you play the game of life, start out with two thousand dollars, and a car, go to college, or straight into business.

Lite Brite making things with light, colors light making things with lite bright

McCulloch chain Saw, You’re in luck when you got a McCulloch chainsaw

You got power by the hour in your hands…”

you got power by the hour in your hands

with you’re the a master because you keep a cutting faster

You’re in luck when you got a McCulloch chainsaw

Meow Mix, I want tuna, I want liver, I want chicken, please deliver

Milky Way candy bar, a Milky Way bar where ever you are, at work rest of play Milky Way

Miller beer If you’ve got the time, we’ve got the beer. Miller beer

Mounds and Almond Joy, sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t, got nuts Almond Joy, Mounds don’t.

Mystery Date Game

Mystery Date, are you ready for your Mystery Date? Open the door for your Mystery Date.

Oreos, a kid will eat the middle of the Oreo and save the chocolate cookie outside for last.

Pontiac Ventura, it’s a prestige car (man sings), Ventura’s a low price car (woman sings) Pontiac Ventura, right from Pontiac.

Razzles, First it’s a candy, then it’s a gum. Little round Razzles are so much fun. Give me some, give me some Razzles, they’re a whole candy store in a package, rooty-fruit flavors, give me some Razzles, they’re a whole candy store in a package

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, you got peanut butter on my chocolate, you got chocolate on my peanut butter.

Samsonite Luggage, Barney Samsonite, Wife to Husband

Sealy Posturepedic, Hey, my back feels great come on world, have a Sealy Posturepedic morning

When you go places the show place is the Sheraton

there’s no place on earth you rather stay

from mountain parks to ocean beaches

nightlight string the girls and teaches

across the land around the world as far as you can see

when you go places the show place is the Sheraton

Slinky, what walks down stairs, alone or in pairs and makes a slinky sound, it’s slinky, it’s slinky, it’s fun, it’s a wonderful toy, it’s fun for a girl or boy

Smash Up Derby with bugum, He’s demolition demon in a beat up Chevrolet, It ain’t worth a dollar so he wrecks it every day. Crash bang smash em up put em back again, Smash bang crack em up its crash up time my friend, Now here’s Kenner SSP smash up derby set, Those cars have got new sonic sound

You ain’t heard nothing yet Come on little bugum you can get it done, Bang crash crack em up smash up derby is fun. (southern accent)

When You’re Out of Schlitz, You’re Out Of Beer, buddy, you’re out of beer

Snoopy Snow Cone Machine, featuring kids using the product

Starburst Fruit Chews, a burst of fruit flavor from the very first chew! A burst of fruit flavor, in orange, lemon and strawberry too, and lime!

Tiffany Taylor, she sparkles! Boy whistles at girl

Toni home perm, Curls are back and Toni’s got em, and you can get em anyway you want em.

Bop bo curls really loose curls big soft swining swirls, Curls are back and Toni’s got em, Toni home perm

3 Musketeers commercial, Featuring a hot air balloon

I’ll like to take ride very high in the sky with my Three Musketeers

I can’t get far without my fluffy chocolate bar Three Musketeers

No matter what’s around, that’s where I can be found with my Three Musketeers

Toys R Us, the world’s biggest toy store is Toys R Us

Tropical Blend, Wild it’s the savage tan, get it fast with tropical blend, dark and sleek it’s the savage tan, get it fast with Tropical Blend.

Underalls and slender alls, someone is wearing new slender alls to make her look thinner

And I would like to see the whole world smiling with me. Coca-Cola adds life. Have a Coke and a smile.”

Levi Strauss co

ultra brite toothpaste

mother never warned me about ultrabrite

When E.F. Hutton talks, people listen

When the dog is yapping and the kids are snapping, and the house is falling down, it ain’t no joke when the TVs broke, and the car don’t work, life can be so low down, it time to relax.

WD tires and wheels, driving down the highway feeling so free tires and wheels from WD

The End

Do you know a commercial you want me to add? Leave a comment or send me a message and I really will update this blog for you.

There was a KFRC version of “It’s Almost Summer” by The Beach Boys

15 Feb

I found a posting that said

“One summer in the seventies the Beach Boys performed in San Francisco. An AM radio station called “610 KFRC” played a promotional song by the Beach Boys that was sung to the melody of “Almost Summer”….but with different words, wherein they described various places in the Bay Area, such as Stinson Beach. ”

I heard the song a couple of times, but I was not able to tape it, so I never really memorized it. If we all get together and write what we remember from the song, we can pull it all together or even better, let the song be released on amazon so we can just buy it.

Lyrics I remember from the KFRC version of It’s Almost Summer

Summer’s gonna be a time for spending a summer day on the green, on starry nights the city lights are never ending lovely California scene. (Day on the Green was a rock concert)

Little Sausalito always looking great.



Merry go round show, merry go round

23 Dec

This is a song that comes to my mind from time to time. I am sure it part of some kind of kids program I used to watch on tv. I can only remember the chorus which was “Merry go round show, merry go round.” It was repeated or chanted a number of times. It could have been something like Sesame Street. I am posting this because I am looking for this lost song and no one else posted it online.