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we got to pitch in to clean up America

14 Oct

we got to pitch in to clean up America

we got to pitch in to clean up America

and if everybody keeps pitching in we can all our America

America the beautiful once again

oh no

This is a lost song/public service/commercial from the 70s

It was about not littering and cleaning up population in general back when we still believed, things were not completely hopeless due to climate change.

I found it on you tube under the name “we got to pitch in”

The you tube version ends with “oh yeah”, but I remember one that ended in “oh no”, but also I remember “oh yeah”, there could have different versions of it.

It was written by Steve Karmen known as the Jingle Man because he wrote a lot of these great commercials, that I still often come into my mind from time to time.

I have complied lists of them with the lyrics that I can remember. I have to publish them when I have some free time.