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Merry go round show, merry go round

23 Dec

This is a song that comes to my mind from time to time. I am sure it part of some kind of kids program I used to watch on tv. I can only remember the chorus which was “Merry go round show, merry go round.” It was repeated or chanted a number of times. It could have been something like Sesame Street. I am posting this because I am looking for this lost song and no one else posted it online.


Chirstmas Card from 1971

14 Dec

mom and pop

As I was walking down 24 street near Mission in San Francisco, I saw this poster inside a store window. I am sure they would want me to post it because it links to their website. It is a store that sells sports memorabilia. I looked at that mini dress and I was like wow, outrageous, as Jem would say. The store was not open at the time, but another sign, said they had been in business since 1972.

Living in your Camper in San Francisco

11 Dec
Chinook Parked in San Francisco

Chinook Parked in San Francisco

Where can you park your camper?
What kind of camper can you park on the street?

Living in San Francisco is so expensive that many people live in their cars. When living in a car, it’s good to have a more comfortable vehicle like a van. I often see great RVs and campers from the 70s parked in San Francisco. The two best places to go search for old campers that are parked are the panhandle and in Pacific behind the Manor shopping center. But, they are found parked in any area of the city that does not have a two hour residential parking restriction. These RVs are small enough to park on the street. I don’t know if anyone lives in them or if they are just don’t want to pay for storing them and so they park them on the street. The number one most fun camper to see is the Chinook. The Chinook was made from 1938 and they stopped making them in the 2000. The later models of the Chinook are really big and high tech and can’t be parked on the street. The best models are of course from the 70s, with the Toyota Chinook being the best looking of all. The Dodge Chinook tended to look boxy. The Chinook company bought the chassis from other companies. You can also find Ford Chinooks. The upper part is what Chinook made and they were all top of the line luxury and expensive. The theme was a futuristic space age type of vehicle. The Toyota Scat is a super rare find. They have pop up tops. The Tioga made by Fleetwood was a smaller unit, then what Fleetwood normal built and they called them mini motorhomes. There are also many other smaller ones. Most look like a truck with something sitting on top of it. But the VW campers are one piece vehicles. I don’t see any many VW campers as I used to see in San Francisco. They are rare and too valuable to park on the street. The climate in San Francisco is the best for living in your car. Neither too hot nor too cold, but the fog does rust out these beautiful 70s campers. If you want to spot vintage campers you have to be alert to the fact, they can show up any where. In the parking lot of grocery store or on the freeway. I never see those large metal ones like Airstreams parked around San Francisco, they are too big to be allowed to be parked on the street. Those huge metal RVS are difficult to cool down or heat. There is one of them parked on El Camino Real in San Mateo near the Yumi Yogurt shop. There is also a 70 Fleetwood Bounder parked in the parking lot of a church near Lagoon Honda Senior Home and Forest Hills Station. I sometimes see Rvs parked on Sloat Blvd near 19th Ave and Stern Groves. This area can accommodate larger rvs.Great Highway there is a smaller street which often has campers parked. I don’t know if they are just surfers. There are also some rv parks but they are located just outside of San Francisco, and the rents are expensive. I read it is possible to rent parking spaces. I know certain people try to rent their garages or driveway, because parking at all in the city is very difficult. It is illegal to park in Golden Gate Park at night, but one can park nearby Golden Gate Park at night. One would be better off it the vehicle can move. There is weekly street cleaning. If you vehicle can’t move you can’t live in at all. It would possible to move the vehicle around frequently so as not to look like one is living inside. I would say about every 8 hours or 12 hours at the very least it should be moved. It is not nice to hog up parking spaces near people homes.

Dance Dance Dance by Haruki Murakami at the Dolphin Hotel

1 Dec

The Dolphin Hotel is a place in the book Dance Dance Dance by Haruki Murakami

I did not finish book, because it got kind of depressing and had grisly killing of young lady.

I liked the part at the Hotel. He says the name is very ominous.

There must be a link between the Japanese killing dolphins and the hotel. See the episode of South Park in which Japanese keep dropping in to kill dolphins. I don’t know why they do this. I think they eat them. It must be like the same as eating a chimpanzee, since they are not fish and are very intelligent. It is almost like cannibalism. I am sure many Japanese are concerned and they should refuse to eat dolphins. Surely some bad luck will happen. Upon staying at the hotel in Japan due to the killing of the dolphins.

I found there is a Dolphin Motel in San Diego that was around before the book was written. They have a website if you want to look it up. The Motel started in the 70s, I am not sure of the exact date. The motel looks like a nice place. I would stay there. I like the neon dolphins.

I only have the book as an audio book, so I can’t skip ahead very well to see how it ends. I stopped at the point in which the hero is driving the young girl around at night.