Dance Dance Dance by Haruki Murakami at the Dolphin Hotel

1 Dec

The Dolphin Hotel is a place in the book Dance Dance Dance by Haruki Murakami

I did not finish book, because it got kind of depressing and had grisly killing of young lady.

I liked the part at the Hotel. He says the name is very ominous.

There must be a link between the Japanese killing dolphins and the hotel. See the episode of South Park in which Japanese keep dropping in to kill dolphins. I don’t know why they do this. I think they eat them. It must be like the same as eating a chimpanzee, since they are not fish and are very intelligent. It is almost like cannibalism. I am sure many Japanese are concerned and they should refuse to eat dolphins. Surely some bad luck will happen. Upon staying at the hotel in Japan due to the killing of the dolphins.

I found there is a Dolphin Motel in San Diego that was around before the book was written. They have a website if you want to look it up. The Motel started in the 70s, I am not sure of the exact date. The motel looks like a nice place. I would stay there. I like the neon dolphins.

I only have the book as an audio book, so I can’t skip ahead very well to see how it ends. I stopped at the point in which the hero is driving the young girl around at night.


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