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The Hot Fudge Show

17 May

All I could remember about The Hot Fudge Show was the opening credits and the songs they had in between the acts. Apparently this was because that was what I really liked about The Hot Fudge Show. The puppets were boring and preachy or else I was already too old to appreciate them. I thought they were Muppets and later when the Muppet Show came to TV, I was like these are just different Muppets.

The two hosts Arte Johnson and the later host Larry Santos,  who was a sort of hippy looking guy were great. I had no problem with them, but for some reason, I had forgotten them until I saw what is left of The Hot Fudge Show on You Tube. There is a CD of songs, but I am not sure if it has the openings and the parts I really liked. I had an affinity for those spinning wheel sorts of graphics.

It would start out with “It’s The Hot Fudge Show Coming On.” Then there was part in which I can remember but I was not able to see it again. “We are going to fun for everyone, Hot Fudge Show, Shanghai Lang. so tell your friends the fun begins when you met the Hot Fudge Gang.” Sometimes it would say, “Its Hot Fudge” with like an echo, and sometimes the sounds of hands clapping. I would have rather had an entire show made up these things and skipped all the preachy puppets, each scene was like a life lesson. Harry Unreasonable was the only one I thought was interesting because it was a parody of Harry Reasoner who my parents watched. It was kind of like Mad Magazine a soft parody. Leave a comment if you have any memories of the It’s The Hot Fudge Show Coming On.


Lyrics for Bonnie Hubbard Commerical

6 Apr

Lyrics for Bonnie Hubbard Commerical

She makes it tasty, she makes it right, Bonnie Hubbard makes the things you like, she uses California sunshine the way that you would, the local girl makes good.


Blue Walrus stuffed toy from the 70s

8 Mar

Blue Walrus stuffed toy from the 70s

On the event of the Party Animals House burning down it reminds me of my childhood stuffed toys. The photo is taken in Park Merced, in front of our house at 502 Arballo Drive.

Reds by Jack W. Thomas 70s book review

27 Feb

Reds is about two girls who run away from home. They come from a nice middle class life, but one of them, Dorcie, has problem with her mother’s boyfriend. It is not like one thinks of a “real problem” with the mother’s boyfriend.  Anyone who came from a real broken home will find it ridiculous that they want to run away because the materialism around them is just “a drag.”  He did not molest her. The author is making a statement that the hippy values are not meaningful. The character Dorcie is shown early in the novel to be a sociopath. The other girl Polly goes along with Dorcie because she likes her, although there is no clear motive for Polly’s blind allegiances to Dorcie. Especially after Dorcie’s Evil Plan is reveled to the reader. They meet a nice boy named Cole. He gives them a ride to Santa Barbara.  It is the sort of book one thinks parents would give to their children to convince them not to run away to San Francisco and try to join the hippy scene. My husband who was there says that by 1968 it has already degenerated.  The summer of 1967 was the only time in which it may have been pleasant. I think the book could have been first published around 1970, but I am not sure. But, this is definely a 70s book, even thought it was about the 60s and the book does not say what year it takes place, but I assume it could be anywhere from 1968 to 1975. I have one of the only rare and hard to find copies of this 70s book. I read a note it was published November 1976 by Bantam Books, but this may have been one of  but this may have been one of the second printings. This book was really popular in back in the 70s. I know it had a few printings. I do not want to give the ending, but the ending is just awful. So, you want to know the ending, email me, I will tell you.



I hope you can recognize the cover. I don’t own this image, but I like the art work and I thought to post the artwork, it could jog your memory. The art work cover is also on Amazon.

Welcome to the 70s Nostalgia Blog

7 Dec

I was born in 1965, and I was too young to attend a real disco. By the time I turned 21, disco was over. I love classic 70’s disco, and I also like New Wave songs that sounded like Disco such as Der Kommissar by After the Fire. But, before Disco there were a lot more interesting cultural things going on. Fashions were colorful and not boring or minimalist like in the 90s, which was the worst decade for culture. As we were coming out of the 70s things were still pretty good, but began to slide in the 80s. The world began more dangerous. There was not a culture of openness. You could not go wherever you wanted anymore at all hours of the day and night expect to be safe.